Texas 3 Day Eviction Notice Forms

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What's 3 Day Eviction Notice

Many such situations can arise, which reluctantly results in an eviction being essential. Any landlord will prefer to evict a trouble-maker tenant as soon as possible. The eviction is not possible without a 3-day notice firsthand.

A 3-day eviction notice is a notice to notify the tenant that they need to pay off their rent or violate some rule made when the house was rented. This 3-day eviction notice in Texas is a warning to pay up the rent, stop violation of the laws, or empty the house within three days.

This three-day notice is the first legal step that a landlord can take against the tenant, and after this notice, the landlord can go for eviction by filing an unlawful detainer.

What Kind of Situation Will You Use 3 Day Eviction Notice Forms

The most probable situation is that when the tenant fails to pay up the rent on time allocated in such a scenario, the landlord wants to get rid of such tenant as soon as possible.

Another possible situation is that when the tenant does something against the lease agreement. Or may keep a pet that the landlord did not permit to control or may have damaged the property.

There are some notices used to give the tenant orders to leave the house without rectifying the situation. This often occurs when a severe breach of lease agreement is done or major late rent payment.

How to Write 3 Day Eviction Notice Texas Forms

A texas notice to vacate for unpaid rent must be written and filled very carefully as any compensation cannot recognize the court’s information. The tenant will be eligible to have legal possession of the property.

Even they haven’t paid the rent unless the landlord provides the court with a correctly and wholly filled three-day notice. Texas 3-day notice to vacate templates are also available online, so you have both options to write your own or fill out the available online one.

  1. Write the tenant’s full name, write about the property’s address being rented, and then write how much rent is owed by the tenant. Ensure that the notice cannot go back longer than one year even if the tenant owes back rent for a longer time.
  2. Mention the date from which the rent is overdue. Mention that the rent must be paid within three days of receiving the 3-day notice or the tenant has to move out. ( Shouldn’t count in Weekend Saturday, Sunday or any official holidays in those three days)
  3. Mention the dates, times when the tenant is eligible to pay the rent. Also, write about the address where he can spend it at. In case that the tenant has to send the money online via bank transfer, give your account number.
  4. The notice cannot include money other than rent, like property damage, interest, utilities, etc.


Make sure to have a well-written eviction notice by your side to avoid any sort of inconvenience in the courtroom. We have provided all the information one could require regarding the eviction notice. We hope this article will prove to be helpful for you.

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