3-day Ohio Eviction Notice Forms

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What is a 3-day eviction notice in Ohio?

When a tenant fails to pay rent on the lease agreement dates, the first step the landlord can take against that tenant is to give the tenant three-day notice. It is a legal step towards eviction of the rental unit.


Eventually, a 3-day notice is a warning to the tenant that he has three days to move out from the house. In most cases, rent is to be paid on the first day of the month. Regardless it is a holiday or a weekend on the first day of the month.

In such a case, when the tenant fails to pay the rent on the date which both parties agreed on the lease agreement, then the landlord has not to give any grace period or more time. And the landlord can take steps towards eviction as he is legally eligible to do it.

How to file an eviction notice in Ohio?

You can file an eviction notice online as the Ohio eviction notice form is available online, or

You can download one and fill it manually. And what to do after filling that notice is as follows.

1.The first step to fill an eviction notice in Ohio is to post an eviction notice in Ohio to the tenant or hand him over in person or mail that notice.

2.The next thing to do is to file an eviction complaint against the tenant in court. Once the eviction notice is expired, the tenant has not vacated the rental unit or has failed to rectify the lease agreement’s breach. So, now the landlord can file an eviction complaint as he has the right to do so.

3. An eviction hearing is called within two to three weeks after filing an eviction complaint in court. It is essential to attend that eviction hearing. At that hearing, the court will finalize the issue.

How to respond to a 3-day eviction notice in Ohio?


When any kind of eviction procedure starts sending an eviction notice is just the first step. It can be complicated and problematic for the person to receive the Ohio eviction notice. But every problem has a solution so that the tenant can respond in various ways to that notice.

When a notice to leave premises is sent to the tenant, it can be an emotionally terrifying moment. And usually, the landlord dispatches the information as the last solution to the problem. Sometimes, this problem can be solved by communication, and there won’t be any need to pursue any legal actions.

Also, there are many other options for the tenant while responding to the 3-day eviction notice. He can go for the 3-day pay or quit option or move out from the rental unit within the allocated time. The tenant can also file an answer to the court describing why he hasn’t paid

the rent yet.


Try to communicate firstly on any sort of issue you face with your tenant. If that communication only leads to dead ends, then involve the court as it will save your and the court’s time.

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