Florida 3-Day Eviction Notice Forms

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A Florida eviction notice form is used by the landlord. They can use it in the event when the tenant fails to follow the lease agreement terms. Three different types of forms include 3 days quit notice. They are non-payment of rent, a 7-day notice to quit for non-compliance, and a 15-day notice to quit for month-to-month tenancy. If the tenant isn’t able to pay rent when it’s due, then the landlord can use the Florida 3 day notice. They can prefer to quit to have the breach corrected or get the tenant to move out of their property.

What is Florida Notice to Quit?

Florida Notice to quit is a form for the landlord to use in case of a 3-day non-payment of rent by the tenant. When the tenant does not make timely rent payments, then the landlord can notify them and send them a clear warning to do the same with the use of a 3-day notice to pay rent in Florida.

A tenant will have to either pay the rent upon receiving the eviction form within 3 days notice in Florida (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays) or else leave the property altogether.

Importance of Florida Notice to Quit?

For a landlord, the Florida notice to quit is a legal tool that they can utilize if the tenant is not complying with the lease agreement. The landlord must serve the 3-day notice from Florida to the tenant, depending on the type of breach that they are committing.

The delivery of the true copy of the notice shall be made directly to the tenant or by certified mail at their residence, and if they are absent, then leaving the true copy at their residence will suffice. In case the tenant doesn’t respond as per 3 day notice Florida, then the landlord can take steps to evict them from their property.

Eviction proceedings involve the court. In this, the landlord can file a complaint and summons in the county where the property is situated. In Florida, the rent due date is generally on the first day of every month, including the weekends and holidays, unless there is a mention of a different date in the lease agreement. Following these dates are critical for the landlord. It ensures that the 3-day eviction notice Florida gets sent to the tenant as per the terms mutually agreed upon.

Florida Notice to Quit - What should be included?

The landlord can fill the Florida 3 day notice. They can do it when the tenant breaches the terms of their lease agreement. Firstly, they have to download the Florida notice to quit online in PDF, ODT, or Word format. A landlord has to properly fill in and complete the eviction notice form. Then, they can serve it to the tenant for paying the rent. In this document, the name of the tenant(s), the address, including the city, state, and zip code. After that, the landlord shall enter their name and the date of the lease agreement.

Next involves entering the full amount of rent which the tenant must pay in the Florida 3 day eviction notice. This will help them to remain and do not. Then the landlord must enter the date of delivery of the document. After this, the landlord must sign the document. They must not forget to write an address where the tenant can deliver the payment and the telephone number. The three days notice Florida document may be filled with the assistance of another person. They need to write their name, address, and telephone number.


A landlord can use the 3-day eviction notice Florida form. It will ensure that the tenant does pay the outstanding rent within a stipulated time. It helps them in ensuring that they follow the terms of the lease agreement accordingly.

If the tenant doesn’t abide by the lease agreement, then the landlord can serve them the eviction notice. It can eventually start the eviction proceedings through the court system. With that, this Florida 3 day notice to vacate form becomes vital for a landlord. It helps them to make the tenant abide by the lease laws of Florida state.

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