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Tenants in Michigan have access to a streamlined legal procedure for eviction. According to Michigan eviction law, the landlord has the right to evict tenants for some reason. Non-payment of rent, non-compliance with agreed-upon terms, overstaying a lease, illegal behavior, physical damage to rental property, and other causes can lead to Michigan eviction forms.

What Is A Michigan Eviction Notice?

A Michigan notice to quit is a document used by a landlord or their agent (usually a property management company) to notify a tenant that they have broken the lease and have a certain number of days to resolve the issue or give the landlord possession of the property back.

Michigan's landlord-tenant laws regulate eviction notices, also known as notices to quit Michigan. Before a complaint may be brought against the homeowner, eviction notices must be released in most cases.

How to process an Eviction Notice in Michigan?

As a Michigan property owner, you will need to start an eviction process in Michigan at some stage. We've put together a quick guide with the steps you'll need to evict a renter successfully.

  • Notify the Tenant
  • You should begin by selecting the most suitable type of eviction notice. Fill out the form and send it to a potential renter.

  • Go to the Court
  • When a renter receives a notice, they must respond in two ways: either change the situation if possible or vacate the leased property. You may file an appeal with the court if you have not received a response.

  • Observe the answer of the renter.
  • A renter will be informed after you have lodged an application with the court. He or she will be able to answer and file one of the legal forms used in such cases with the court.

  • Finish the Eviction

There are times when a tenant fails to respond to a notice or a hearing. If this is the case, the court can rule that the landlord has prevailed and that the premises should be free of renters. A renter has ten days to vacate the premises after the court's ruling. If this time has passed with no action taken, a landlord will file a complaint with the sheriff in his or her district.

How Does Eviction Work in Michigan?

In Michigan, there is a thorough eviction process in place to ensure that both tenants and landlords follow the state's landlord-tenant rules. The landlord must first provide the occupant with a written eviction notice to vacate the premises.

According to Michigan state law, the landlord must have ample 7 to 30-day notice to quit Michigan for the tenant to vacate the rental property. The landlord will file Summons and Complaints if the tenant does not vacate the property after receiving an eviction in Michigan.

Landlords may file a lawsuit in the District Court in the area where the rental property is located. The court will schedule a hearing and issue a judgment within ten days of receiving a complaint.

If the court rules in favor of the landlord, the tenant will have just ten days to vacate the premises.

The landlord has the right to file a Michigan notice to quit if the occupant fails to vacate the rental property. With the assistance of a sheriff, the landlord may now physically evict the tenant and their belongings.

What are the reasons for using Michigan Eviction Notice Forms?

In Michigan, the landlord will begin the eviction process for the following reasons:

  • When a tenant hasn't paid the rent in a long time.
  • When the occupant refused to vacate the premises when the lease expired.
  • A lease term was broken by the tenant, which may have resulted in eviction.
  • The house has been destroyed by a tenant, and it is still there.
  • When a tenant has developed a substantial and ongoing health threat in or around the building.
  • Where the tenant is involved in illegal drug use at home.
  • When your landlord says that evicting tenants from a mobile home park or affordable housing is legal.


If you need to legally evict someone from your property due to non-compliance, non-payment of rent, or some other excuse, you can file an eviction in Michigan. You will see how the Michigan eviction notice is framed and what details it contains by downloading it from an online website.

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