5-Day Eviction Notice Template

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Finding a great tenant while covering every necessary detail in the lease agreement isn’t enough for a landlord at times. There will come a few situations when you, as a landlord, have to use the eviction form. This eviction form will define the steps to let the tenant into action. One such form you will need is the 5-day notice to quit.

It may be shown as a legal document. But, it must meet strict court requirements to be considered valid. A 5-day notice is a serious reminder to the tenant. It states that all the legal obligations to the rental agreement must be followed.

What is an eviction notice?

An eviction notice refers to a 5-day notice form meant to notify a tenant certain rules. It reveals that they are not complying with their lease agreement due to a violation. With this five day notice, a process of eviction is about to start legally. That happens if they cannot resolve the grievances of the landlord. This issue-specific eviction notice in some jurisdictions has a 5-day notice deadline for the tenant to respond. A tenant served with an eviction notice does have rights and options to respond as they may please.

How do you write a 5-day eviction notice?

A landlord must ensure whether their grievance requires serving a 5-day eviction notice. The infractions for evictions are related to late rent, non-compliance, or illegal activity in the premises of the property by the tenant. Only then, the landlord can start the process of writing the free 5-day notice to vacate by downloading it online in PDF, ODT, or Word format. In the first section, fill in the name of the tenant(s) on the document, the street address, including the city, state, and zip code.

Follow it up by filling in the date on which the lease agreement was signed between both parties. Next, in the violation section, the landlord should check the box representing the infraction. This should be enacted by the tenant in the best way possible. Then at the bottom of the page, the landlord should sign the document. They then have to decide the best option to send the notice to the tenant. Either delivering the document (5-day notice to vacate) in-person to the tenant, or with a person that is a resident on the property of legal age to accept notice in the state. They can also get a certified mail to the tenant with return receipt availability.

What are the possible reasons for eviction?

There are a few infractions that can be the possible reasons for eviction. However, 5-day notices are not an eviction in itself by any means. Late rent requiring a 5-day notice to pay rent template is a common infraction seen in a lease agreement. It leads to eviction from the property. Once the tenant doesn’t pay the outstanding rent within the stipulated period, they violate the lease agreement. In this case, the landlord should serve a 5-day notice to pay rent, including the final amount with any late fees and the periods for which the tenant has not paid.

Non-compliance is basically the tenant breaking the terms of the lease agreement. The landlord can describe it in the eviction notice. Moreover, they can inspect it within the 5-day notice to vacate period to ensure that the property is back in compliance. If the tenant has committed an illegal activity at the property, then the landlord should detail it in the 5-day eviction notice. Upon the completion of the five day eviction notice period, the tenant will have no choice but to vacate the property.


A 5-day eviction notice template is the best way of preventing a tenant from breaking the laws of the lease agreement. It allows a landlord to get a tenant to take action immediately. Also, it ensures that they don’t end up in court for a full-blown hearing for eviction.

After the tenant resolves the infractions, and adheres to the legal requirements properly, they can delay the eviction process. Further, they can even prevent it from happening altogether. In all, a 5-day notice to vacate form is a great legal tool to maintain the validity of a lease agreement.

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