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A notice to pay or quit form refers to a form. Every landlord can access in case they face issues with their tenants. It involves a notice sent to a tenant who has not paid the rent. This rent should be as per the terms mentioned in the residential lease agreement. Moreover, this has broken the rental agreement or lease.

The notice to pay rent or quit form informs the tenant that the rent was due on a specific date. The landlord did not receive it and that it has now become overdue. The notice also mentions the outstanding balance and details. It informs the tenant that they must pay the outstanding balance on a certain date. If not, they may have to face legal proceedings.

What Happens After a Notice to Quit Form is Issued?

Once the landlord sends the pay or quit notice to the tenant, they have to wait for the latter to respond. The tenant could obey the notice when they realize that the landlord could file for an eviction if they did not fix the lease violation. They could become disciplined about paying the rent in case they have been behind on it so far. With this, they may hope that the landlord will accept the rent and allow them to stay. If they are unable to make the situation better, they will voluntarily move out of the place before facing the law. Leaving is better than having an eviction on their personal record, which is why many tenants prefer to do.

The second thing that could happen is that the tenant could ignore or disregard the late rent notice to pay or quit that is sent their way. They realize that they have more than a month before the matter moves to court. Further it leads to eviction. They believe that they have time or because they have nowhere else to go, or that they have not done anything wrong in the first place.

Is a Notice to Quit an Eviction Notice?

No, a notice to quit is not the same as an eviction notice. A notice to quit is what comes before an eviction notice, thereby giving the tenant a chance to make amends regarding any lease violation. The landlord informs the tenant that they have a certain number of days to fix the issue, or else they will commence the eviction process.

What is the Difference Between a Notice to Quit and an Eviction Notice?

A notice to pay or quit informs the tenant that the rent has passed the payable date. It informs them of the landlord’s intention of evicting them when not paid. An eviction notice refers to a legal notice. It imbibes a written document in which a landlord informs the court of the current situation. It further requests them to issue an order wherein the landlord asks the tenant to vacate the property.

Sending a termination notice to a tenant is quite often the first step in getting them to evacuate the property, but it is not the same as an eviction notice. The tenant must appear in court when the landlord files an eviction, because this notice indicates an order from the court that an eviction hearing is to occur.


The notice to pay or quit becomes a critical task for landlords. If not issued property without the correct details, the court could deny your request. This form serves as the first document that you have to refer to while serving the eviction notice. Go for the notice to pay rent or quit pdf templates that best suits your requirement and have that peace of mind.

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