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A New York Eviction Notice refers to a legal document that a landlord uses to evict a tenant. This notice is written according to the New York state law. It gives the tenant a specific time to either move out or respond. The New York Eviction Notices comes in a variety of different forms. It can be a 10-day notice to quit, a 30-day lease termination, or a 30-day notice for incurable non-compliance. It can also involve a 30-day notice to quit for curable non-compliance or 14-day notice to pay rent or quit.

How do I file an eviction notice in NY?

There can be a couple of reasons for the landlords to send an eviction notice NY to the tenant. It starts by giving written notice to the tenant. The landlord can use a 14-day notice to pay rent or quit if the tenant does not pay the rent on the due date. The tenant can either move out of the property or pay the rent in full after receiving the eviction notice.

If the tenant has violated a lease, the landlord can use two different types of notice - notice of termination or notice to cure.

Can a landlord evict you without going to court in NY?

It will be difficult on the landlord’s part to evict the tenant without going to court in NY. They must follow the NYS eviction process. Even when the tenant owes rent, the landlord must follow the legal proceedings and take help from a law enforcement officer. This will let the landlord legally end the lease and get the rent from the tenant.

However, the landlord cannot illegally evict you by changing the locks, taking the furniture out of the room, or padlocking the doors. The landlord cannot turn off the water or electricity, remove the house or apartment door. Also, they cannot threaten you under Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law Section 768.

In New York, the landlord cannot conduct self-help. They must go to the court and legally receive orders from the judge to evict the tenant. A self-eviction may refer to a criminal act. For this, the court may arrest the landlord under grand theft or trespassing. The local justice and a proper lawyer can help the case achieve peace. Also, it gives the tenant the liberty to sue the landlord in such cases.

How does the eviction process work in NY?

The landlord has to carefully follow the procedures set during the eviction process in New York. However, a minute miss from the step can consider the eviction as invalid. For example, the landlord may have to serve a three-day notice to the tenant before evicting them for non-payable of rent.

The landlord could not send the notice to the tenant if they did not file an eviction lawsuit. In this regard, the tenant can defend themselves by filing a lack of notice to the eviction. The eviction would stop, and the court may ask the landlord to send a 3-day notice. This will simply delay the processes without offering a justified eviction. It will proceed to normal only when the landlord fixes the miss in the procedure.

To be deemed legal for the landlord to file the eviction, the landlord must maintain the rental unit. The necessary repairs and utilities must be in functioning condition before the landlord can time-stamp the notice. Nevertheless, the tenant can pay during the three-day process. They must time-stamp the record to stop the eviction process.


A housing court or the district court can offer help with eviction notices. In New York, if the tenant lives more than the mentioned period on the agreement, the landlord can give the tenant the notice to evict.

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